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We are ready to help transform your home or business in just three easy steps! With years of experience, it is no wonder we are your number one choice in Redding painting companies.

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"Outstanding prices, I received three estimates from separate companies and am so glad I went with Painters Redding, they offered very competitive pricing and the fact that I don't have to do anything but pick out colors made it so worth the investment. My home looks beautiful and all my neighbors are asking who I worked with if you are looking for house painters Redding Ca call them today." - Charles M.

Painters Redding Ca

Hello and welcome to Painters Redding Ca, if you found us by searching “painting contractors Redding Ca” then we are in your service area and ready to help. Our company was built around customer satisfaction and providing the best service experience in Northern California.

With years of experience under our belt, we have now become the number one choice in painting companies in Redding, with a long list of services which include:

  • Residential Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Deck and Fence Painting
  • Commercial Painting

Our company is dedicated to making the process of painting seamless and stress-free. We know that the thought of a home update or business design update can seem like a lot of work, but we promise that with our expert and highly trained painters your project will be a breeze.

The wonderful thing about choosing us for the job is that the only thing we need from you is to select your paints from our expansive selection. We are available and ready to start your painting job today.

Our Painting Services

Painters Redding started as a company focused on residential painting and has now transformed into a large full-service painting company, with years of experience working on multiple types of painting jobs. We have become Northern California's go-to painting company.


Exterior Painting

Maintaining the exterior of your home can be rewarding and exciting. Your exterior paint acts like a barrier protecting your siding from environmental changes. If you want to extend the life of the siding of your home then there is no better choice than our high-end paints.

Painting the outside of your home or business can also help boost curb appeal and add value to the home for a much cheaper cost than construction. Our business owners see a lot of benefit from updating the appearance of your building and can bring in new customers. Our expert painters work efficiently together to get the job done right. The key to a great outcome is preparing the surface for the new paints which is why we take great care in getting your property properly ready for painting.


Interior Painting

The task of painting the interior of your home or business can feel like a huge undertaking, painting yourself means trips to the hardware store, taping trimming, and painting which can take weeks. When you hire Painters Redding Ca you are not only hiring the leading painting company in Redding Ca but also eliminating that stress of tackling the job alone.

Our team will come in and completely transform your interior in as fast as a few days and up to a week for larger homes. We help many families and business owners who have purchased a new home or office and request for us to come and get it to move-in ready. Our painters perform Detailed and clean work providing the best results in Northern California. If you need Interior painting Redding Ca call us today.


Commercial Painting

Painters Redding has years of experience working on some of the largest jobs in northern California. If you are looking for Redding Commercial Painting then we are the right choice for the job. Commercial Painting job takes a lot of dedication and hard work, which is exactly what we bring to the job site.

Our team of commercial painters is trained in commercial work, sticking to deadlines and budgets for the contractors we are working with. We also understand the importance of delivering quality work, which is our main focus on a big job. We want to produce the same five-star results on our commercial jobs as we do on our smaller jobs. When you hire us you are getting expert craftsmanship, dedication, excellent communication, and high standards.


Residential Painting

This service is focused on exterior and interior painting of homes. This service built our company, and we are very passionate about creating the perfect home for you. Using paint to update your home can be a cheap and efficient way of increasing curb appeal and value to the house. If you are looking for Redding house painting, then look no further.

Our House painters Redding is organized and tidy, respectful of your home and belongings and trust in us you will not be disappointed with the meticulous craftsmanship they will do one your home.


Deck And Fence Services

As part of our full-service line, we also offer painting of your outdoor living space which includes your fence and deck. Proper care and treatment of your deck can protect against Bug infestation, rotting wood, splitting, or cracking and staining. Our treatments do all of the above plus give you a luxury finish. You will be enjoying your deck all year round.

Fence care can often be forgotten about but if you put off your maintenance for too long you will need to fix or rebuild it which can be money right out of your pocket. Proper care involves sealing and painting with rot-resistant and water-resistant paints. Our paints are made to protect against the environment and be durable to last years. So freshen up your fence with classic white paint or go for something unique and enjoy your outdoor living space. For more information on our Redding house, painters call us today.

About Painters Redding Ca

We are best known throughout Northern California for providing the most efficient and hassle-free painting services. Our customer service experience is of utmost importance to us which is why we have based our services around impacting your day to day life as little as possible. One most of our projects the only thing we need from you is your color selection meaning you can carry on with your busy life while we take care of checking one thing off your to-do list.

Our company offer full-service painting which involves:

  • Supplying the paints
  • Old paint removal
  • Sanding
  • Caulking
  • Priming
  • Final paints

Our team is made up of expert craftsmen who are passionate about delivering detailed and clean and five-star painting. Our mission is to showcase the beauty in your home or property, we want to show the hidden potential many can’t see when looking at a property. Our professional painter Redding, are passionate about the work they do for you and showing their talent.

We value every single one of the jobs we are hired to do and truly appreciate our customers making us the company we are today. Our Redding painters reviews are a reflection of the amazing families and business owners we have worked with throughout the years, the reviews we have received are outstanding and it drives us to keep giving outstanding service.

Why Choose Us As Your Painters In Redding

Have you been putting off that painting project? Or feel like you don't have the time? If so we have your back. Painter Redding Ca is ready to help take the stress away from that overdue painting job. Our service system is designed with our customer’s busy schedule in mind, we offer flexible work times, weekend hours, and our selection of quality paints removing the need to outsource paints or for you to pick out and order your paints from a paint company.

We have the widest selection of paints in Redding, with every finish such as Satin, Matte, Gloss. When you request our services all we need from you is a color consultation where we pick out the paints for your property, other than that our team and project manager is on the job working efficiently while you continue with your busy day.

Aside from making the process seamless and easy for you, it is also important that we:

We commit to :

  • Provide detailed and long-lasting results
  • Offer 2-year warranty with our services
  • Provide progress reports and updated as much as requested
  • Treat your property with respect and care
  • Show up to the job dressed professionally, in uniform, and on time
  • Provide exceptional customer service

It is important to our company that our painter represent us professionally, by showing up to work in a clean uniform and treating customers with great respect and work to the high standards our company has set. Our craftsmen take pride in their work and showcasing their skills. We love seeing our team grow and are proud of the work our painter Redding does.

We have proudly helped brighten up our community for many years and are looking forward to working with you!

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What To Expect When You Hire Our professional Painters Redding

Our company has set high standards for the work that we complete, after years of experience and hundreds of jobs we are experts on techniques, the right design options, and the paints to use, at Painters Redding Ca we choose to use high-quality paints instead of contractors paints or wholesale, this is because the finish and how long the paints last for you is important to us. Using top of the line paints guarantees you the longest-lasting finishes and offer a luxury look and feel.

When our customers choose us, they are choosing a stress-free approach to the house, business, or commercial painting. Our team will take care of the project in just three simple steps.

  1. Your estimate and paint consultation. This is where you will receive a detailed outline of the cost of the job, we provide a detailed estimate because we are a transparent company, there are no hidden fees or catches, honest work for honest pay. After your estimate, we will move forward on your color consult. We do have a very large selection of paints, but not to worry our project managers have years of experience hearing customers’ desires and mapping out the perfect selection. We offer a computer model of the home with the new paint color to show you what your property will look like.
  2. Next is preparing the surface for the new paints, this can look different for every job, interior painting may require sanding but often it is caulking and filling of imperfections and priming with our luxury primers. Exterior work involves the removal of old paint, sanding, caulking, trim detail, and priming.
  3. This is where we begin the real transformation of your property and the design comes to life. Our painters perform detailed and meticulous work, your satisfaction is key and our painters take that seriously. They take pride in the work they provide and would never complete anything but spectacular results.

As we mentioned before your part in the project is very minimal and we do this to impact your busy life as little as possible, many of our customers have full-time jobs or their own business to run, we want to take all the work off your hands so you can just enjoy the finished result.

About Redding California

Redding California is the 2nd sunniest city in America with over 300 days of beautiful sunshine. With all this sunshine it seems fitting that Redding is home to one of the world's largest working sundials, represented by the Sundial bridge which expands over the Sacramento River, a truly breathtaking bridge with a see-through bottom to get a unique perspective on this amazing river.

If you crave outdoor adventure then Redding has everything you could want. hiking trails, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, rafting, mountain biking, and many more outdoor activities.

The metropolitan area is filled with exquisite fine dining, fun foodie cravings restaurants, shopping, vintage stores, high-end retailers, art galleries, theaters, and more. With a rapidly growing population of 92,562, this once historic city homes to businesses from the 1930s is now becoming a major metropolitan area.

Surrounding cities:

  • Chico
  • Paradise
  • Red Bluff
  • Magalia
  • Shasta Lake
  • Anderson
  • Many other surrounding areas

Painting FAQs

Is your Company licensed and Insured?

We are fully licensed and insured providing you and our company with full protection.

Do you provide recommendations?

We do provide recommendations and can give those during our estimate or have them an email before. We have been fortunate enough to work with such amazing customers through the years all of which have helped our company grow.

Will the project be managed daily?

We provide a project supervisor or manager on every job. The project manager will be on-site every day leading the team, keeping efficiency up, and doing quality checks. The project manager will also be providing updates on the progress.

How long does painting take?

This depends on the service we are doing, But we pride ourselves on completing jobs on time. Interior work can take anywhere from 1 day to a week depending on the size of the property, exterior painting takes around 1 week for a standard property. And commercial jobs are based on the project.

Our Redding Painters Reviews

"They are a very professional team, I liked that they showed up to the job on time and in uniforms, it showed that they take pride in their work. My project manager and I got along great and I appreciated all the progress reports and photos they sent while I was working, it put me at ease knowing my home was in safe hands."

- Doug T.

"I am very happy with the work that Painters Redding Ca did for my business. All my clients have made comments about how good it looks. I had been putting off updating for years and they made it so easy. I regret waiting. They were able to work around my office hours and get it done in 1 weekend. I will be using them in a few months to paint the exterior of my business, this company is now my go-to for painting."

- Kip C.

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Are you ready to tackle that painting job that you have been putting off? Are you looking for a way to increase business? Or are you new homeowners ready to make your home feel like yours? Painters Redding is the leading painting company in Northern California. We offer a full line of services to fit the needs of any job.

We offer professional and expert craftsmanship partnered with top of the line customer service. Our team of highly trained painters is ready to transform your property using our high-end paints and tools. Our services are designed to create a hassle-free way for you to get your projects done.

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